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Cookie Kisses

(Sesame Beginnings Board Book, Level 1)

By Abigail Tabby
What could Baby Cookie Monster love more than cookies? His mommy’s kisses—that’s what! This Sesame Beginnings title includes a touch-and-feel surprise at the end.

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Level 1 Books are geared towards Birth - 6 Months

Cookie See! Cookie Do!

(Sesame Beginnings Board Book)

By Anna Jane Hays
During the second year, babies master basic physical actions such as standing, sitting, and reaching; imitation plays a big part in this learning. Each spread of this gatefold book presents characters demonstrating simple actions. Rhyming text encourages the child to try as well.

Description from Publisher

The Sesame Street baby Muppets know just how it is to be a 12 to 18 month old. Nothing is more fun than copying the movements and gestures of other people. So when Elmo says, "Touch your nose. Touch your toes," tots will be tickled to join Cookie Monster and Grover: "Cookie see, Cookie do! Grover, too. So can YOU!" Sesame Beginnings is an entertaining, developmentally sequenced board book series that provides building blocks to literacy and learning. Toddlers will love turning the sturdy pages of the brightly colorful Cookie See! Cookie Do!, flipping back the foldout in every spread to see Cookie Monster and other familiar characters demonstrating the activities Elmo introduces: jumping up and down, reaching up high, standing up tall, and giving hugs. Don't miss Pat-a-Cake, Baby Faces, or any of the other titles in this adorable series. (12 to 18 months)

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Cookie Rhyme, Cookie Time

(Sesame Beginnings Board Book)
By Abigail Tabby
In this lift-the-flap board book, Baby Cookie Monster dances to rhymes about different kinds of cookies and different kinds of dances, from a Peanut Butter Cookie Bop to a Ginger Snap Tap. Rhymed text adds rhythm for toddlers and parents to dance to.

Description from Publisher

Cookie Monster's Kitchen

(Great Big Board Book)

By Tom Cooke
What smells so good in Cookie Monster’s kitchen? Cookies, of course! Join Cookie Monster in his kitchen as he cooks up a storm!

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Happy Birthday, Cookie Monster!

(Step into Reading, Step 1)

By Felice Haus
Cookie Monster plans a party to celebrate his birthday, but before the guests arrive, he can't resist a tiny taste of the cake. It isn't long before the cake disappears. Fortunately, Cookie's friends help him solve his party dilemma in a story that makes learning to read a piece of cake.

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Biggest Cookie in the World

(Step into Reading, Step 1)

By Linda Hayward
Some butter. Some sugar. Some eggs. Some flour. Can Cookie Monster bake the biggest cookie in the world? He's sure going to try in this mouth-watering tale.

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Baker, Baker, Cookie Maker

(Step into Reading, Step 1)

By Linda Hayward
Cookie Monster is baking up batch after batch of delicious cookies at the bakery. The problem is, he sells them so quickly he never gets a bite. The faster he bakes cookies, the faster hungry monsters gobble them. Everyone on Sesame Street is eating Cookie Monster's delicious cookies, but will he ever get to eat one? This Step 1, Step into Reading treat will have kids laughing out loud and chanting along with the catchy, rhyming text.

Description from Publisher

Who Took the Cookie?

(Board Book)
Here’s a humorous Sesame Street version of the familiar childhood game “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?” One by one, the cookies disappear from Cookie Monster’s cookie jar. Who do you think gobbled them up? An attention-grabbing lenticular shape on the cover makes this even more fun for all!

Description from Publisher

No Cookies?

By Sarah Albee
Cookie Monster is befuddled when his nephew, Little Max, doesn’t want any cookies. No cookies? How can this be? Maybe he’s not feeling well, or maybe he’s not hungry. But he is hungry for a healthy lunch of a sandwich and fruit. Cookie Monster is baffled–where did he go wrong?

Description from Publisher

Let's Eat

By Constance Allen
Cookie is planning a party! There's a lot to do--make invitations, shop, clean the house, and cook. But Cookie's favorite time is when all of his Sesame Street friends are seated at the table and he says, "Let's eat!"

Description from Publisher

Cookie Monster!

(Furry Faces Board Book) by Anna Ross
They're funny! They're furry! They're bound to be favorites! Just wait till kids get their hands on these lovable Furry Face board books featuring beloved Sesame Street characters right on the cover. Inside, kids will find bright, bold illustrations and loads of fun.

Description from Publisher

Cookie Monster's Christmas

(Super Coloring Time)

By Anne Duax
Cookie Monster dons a reindeer hat to write a letter to Santa--but not beforeeating his cookies and milk! Consumable

Description from Publisher

Me Cookie!

By Emma Jomes
In a new, larger size, these colorful, collectible, and entertaining Jellybean Books are sure to appeal to preschoolers with their favorite Sesame Street characters and simple stories just right for growing minds.

Description from Publisher

Cookie Monster's Little Kitchen

By Tom Cooke
He's taken out his little chef's hat, his little bowl, and his big bag of chocolate chips. So what is Cookie Monster up to in his kitchen? He's making cookies, of course!

Toddler's guess what Cookie Monster is up to, when he goes into his little kitchen and takes out his chef's hat, his little bowl, and his big bag of chocolate chips. For children under three.

Description from Publisher

Food! By Cookie Monster

By Mike Pantuso
Cookie Monster may eat just about anything, but he knows what’s good for you. To share his great love of food, Cookie has written his own little book (with just a little bit of help). In it, he shows us all his favorite healthy meals and snacks: fruits and veggies, sandwiches at the beach, popcorn at the movies, and more. And after a healthy meal, it’s time for dessert–and we all know what Cookie’s favorite dessert is! Cooookies! Here, in his unique voice, and with his own brightly colored finger paintings, is Cookie Monster’s very first, very colorful book.

Description from Publisher

Cookies and Milk

(Sticker Time)

By Melvin Conrad

Too Big for Bottles

(Too Big Board Books)

By John E. Barrett
Cookies and milk never tasted so good before Baby Cookie Monster got his new cup! Hold on tight as Cookie lets go of his bottle--and learns to love drinking from a big-boy cup!

Description from Publisher

Cookie Monster's Blue Book

(Open Sesame - English as a Second Language Series)
This third in a series of seven includes a student book, teacher's book, activity book, and duplicating masters for teaching English as a second language to ages five to ten. Focuses on the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, using songs, stories, conversations, games, etc.

Description from Publisher

Cookie Bakes Up Shapes!

(Toddler Board Book)

By Shana Corey

Not the Monster!

(Sesame Street Babies Board Books)

By Anna Ross
Ernie and Bert like to color with fat crayons. But not the monster!

Big Bird likes to give his teddy a bath. But not the monster!

So what does Cookie Monster like to do?

Description from Publisher

Cookie Monster's Book of Cookie Shapes

By Richard Brown
This educational book was created in cooperation with the Children's Television Workshop, producers of Sesame Street. Children do not have to watch the television show to benefit from this book. Workshop revenues from this product will be used to help support CTW educational projects.

Description from Publisher

Cookie Monster's Good Time to Eat

(Golden Sturdy Shape Book)
Cookie Monster and friends show nutritious things to eat at various times of the day.

Description from Publisher

Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree

By David Korr
Cookie Monster and a clever, selfish witch are forced into a seemingly impossible situation: sharing cookies.

Description from Publisher

Brought to You by the Letter C

By R. Koeppel
"'C' is for cookie, that's good enough for me ..." is the popular song by the cuddly Cookie Monster. Who else would be perfect to introduce the letter "C" in the latest Sesame Street series of books on letters and numbers? Kids will be hungry to learn about this amazing letter, captured in bold text and colorful pictures.

Description from Publisher

Wanted : The Great Cookie Thief

By Emily P. Kingsley

Vegetable Soup

By Judy Freudberg
Ernie and Bert identify certain vegetables for Cookie Monster and show him how to make vegetable soup.

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