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The Muppets of Sesame Street are some of the most popular characters of all time. This website includes links to a few of the books, movies, and toys devoted to the lovable gang of Sesame Street!

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The Count Counts Scary Things

By Stephanie St. Pierre
With one silly spider, two Twiddlebugs, three batty bats, etc., this book illustrates scary things from 1 to 10. Sesame Street's favorite Count-er takes kids on a counting tour of his weird and wonderful castle.

Description from Publisher

Pumpkin Patch Party

(Board Book)

By Joel Schick
What could be more fun than a party on Halloween night with the Sesame Street gang? Kids can lift the flaps to see what surprises the pumpkin patch holds--like a dancing scarecrow, a spooky moon, and a ghost with a strong resemblance to ... Big Bird!

Description from Publisher

MonsterTales : The Big Boo!

(Board Book)

By Stephanie St. Pierre
This Chunky Flap Book with a Halloween theme is full of surprises. All sorts of Sesame Street monsters are competing in a Halloween contest. Who will make the biggest Boo of all? Children will have to lift the flaps to find out!

Description from Publisher

Boo!: Peel-And-Stick Stickers

By Matt Stoddart
Halloween sticker fun with Elmo and the Count! Join the Sesame Street gang for a night of parties, games, and dress-up!

Description from Publisher

MonsterTales : Is There a Monster in the House?
Exploring a spooky mansion that is hilariously haunted, a very nervous Grover moves from room to room and finds a very silly collection of monsters, including himself.

Description from Publisher

Happy Halloween Coloring Book

By Kathy Spahr
Elmo and all his friends on Sesame Street get their costumes ready for a night of trick-or-treating - not to mention a big party!

Description from Publisher

Spooky Sleep Out

By Eric Suben
Elmo, Zoe, Big Bird, and Grover are excited about their very first sleep-out. But when they hear a noise in the trees and see a large shadow on the tent wall, the sleep-out starts to get a little spooky. In the end, all of the strange noises and shadows can be explained, and the friends say good night after a midnight snack of cookies and milk from Groverís mom ó who is close by in the house the whole time.

Description from Publisher

Which Witch Is Which?

By Michaela Muntean
The Sesame Street gang all wear the same costume for Halloween. Can you tell which witch is which?

Description from Publisher

Sesame Street Happy Halloween
Coloring Book

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